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Stereo Kodak Model 1 (1917 - 1925)

This  camera was introduced in April 1917 and discontinued in May 1925. In the video you see the first model from 1917 - 1918 with Stereo Automatic shutter. From 1919 the camera had a Stereo Ball Bearing shutter.
The Stereo Kodak Model 1 is a special purpose camera of high quality: it takes 3D pictures. Two photos are taken on the same moment, that is why it has two lenses and shutters. The printed photos are mounted on a card and when you view them in a stereo viewer you see good depth in the scene. I think that is rather cool for a camera of World War 1 vintage. See also the No. 2 Stereo Brownie and No. 2 Stereo Kodak.

The camera is made with good quality materials, the leather is fine and the nickel plating is heavy. Most of these cameras have survived in a surprisingly good condition. The price of the 1919-1925 version was $ 53, not cheap for that time. An average industry worker in the USA had to work 75 hours for that amount. The 1917-1918 model cost $ 45.

 Instructions booklet of the 1917 version

 Page from the 1917 catalog