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A selection of links  


Fotografica, Dutch Society of Photographica Collectors

Photographic Collectors' Club of Great Britain

 The Ruud Hoff Kodak collection with an amazing mass of rare cameras and related material.

The Kodakgirl collection, with all the Kodak girls you ever wanted to see.

Walker Mangum's Kodak collector's page. With many early Kodaks. Tip: have a look at the early catalogs.

Field cameras of the United States, Eastman and all the others too. With great and large photos.

The beautiful site of photographer and collector Pere Pons from Barcelona.

The site of Rob Niedermann with a variety of rarely seen wood cameras, related history and advertising. 

Lots of instruction manuals (PDF) for all makes of cameras at the site of Mike Butkus. 

Eastman Museum collections online.

Many fine antique cameras on the site of David Tristram Ludwig.

Austrian photo history, with a focus on equipment. Has also a list of photographers.

Not cameras but screws! All kind of brass screws, small and large, hard to find elsewhere. Ideal if you need some to fix your antique apparatus.