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No. 4 Zenith (1899)

This very rare camera is the UK version of the No. 4 Eureka. There the Eureka name was already in use by W. Rouch & Co. for a plate camera, so Eastman Kodak had to rename their Eureka.

The Zenith was introduced in October 1899 and discontinued in 1900. Only 1000 were made, starting from serial number 701. The example in this video has number 881. It is rarely seen today.

There is no difference between the Eureka and Zenith, except for the name, which is printed inside the back door, on the focusing scale and on the strap. 

The Eureka and Zenith cameras could take glass plate holders as well as a roll film holder. My camera was used with glass plates and still has its ground glass.

Description of the No. 3 Zenith and No. 4 Zenith in the Australasian Review of July 22, 1899.
The 1/4 plate refers to the No. 3 Zenith, which took photos of 83 x 108 mm.