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No. 4 Bullet Special Model 1898 (1898-1901)

The No. 4 Bullet Special, Model of '98, was introduced in May 1898. It is a big box camera for 4 x 5 inch photos on roll film or glass plates. The Special versions of the Bullet and Bull's-eye cameras had better specifications than their 'normal' kin. The lenses and shutters were of a higher grade.

Amongst the box cameras of Eastman Kodak, and also many other brands, the No. 4 Bullet Special belongs to the top of the line. The price ranged between $ 20 and $ 25.

The Model '98 was the first model. It was replaced by the redesigned Model C in April 1901. The Model '98 has a door in one side, trough which you can reach the separate roll holder, as seen in the video, or the glass plate holders. The door has a surprise, as it has two hinges. You can open the side panel still further to reach a compartment where a ground glass is stored.


From Kodak catalog 1898.