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No. 3 Zenith (1899)

The No. 3 Zenith is a quarter-plate version of the Eastman Kodak Eureka cameras. It was made for the UK market where the Eureka name was already in use for a camera of another company.

It takes photos of 3.25 x 4.25 inch (8,3 x 10,8 cm) on glass plates in double holders or on film in a special roll holder. There also is a model in 9 x 12 cm size.

The settings of the No. 3 Zenith are as simple as those of the No. 4 Eureka:

  • a key on the side to set the distance on a round scale
  • a one speed shutter with the option of a time exposure setting
  • three apertures on a sliding strip

Only 2000 (plus 1000 in the 9x12 cm size) were made during 1899-1900 and today it is not often seen. 

From the 1899 Royal Photographic Society exhibition catalogue.