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No. 3 Eastman Plate Camera Series D (1901-1904)


This model is the smallest of the Eastman Plate Camera range, taking pictures of 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inch (8 cm x 10.5 cm). It has the same specifications as the larger No. 4 and No. 5: rise and slide lens panel, swing back along a horizontal axis, reversible back panel, shaded hood in the back panel to view the ground glass, rack and pinion focusing.

The Series D cameras also have double bellows extension that facilitates use of the combination lens. See my video of the No. 5 Eastman Plate Camera Series D for the extended bellows. The simpler Series C models don't have the double extension.

The original price of the No. 3 Eastman Plate Series D was US $ 79.50. All together this means that the camera was intended for the more well to do serious amateur photographer. The $ 79.50 was about one quarter of a year income of a public school teacher. Also the camera sported so many settings that you really had to know what you were doing. So, no instrument for the casual snapshooter. Read more about the different groups of users here.

The camera in this video has serial number 1106. The counting started with serial number 501. Only 1600 were made of each model of the No. 3. The camera is not really rare today as many have survived because of the good quality materials that were used to build it.

Advertisement in the Dutch photographers journal Lux of 1902.
It is not clear if this is an ad for the models C or D.