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No. 2 Falcon Kodak (1897)

This simple $5 box camera from the end of the 1890's took pictures of 3.5 x 3.5 inch (9 x 9 cm) on a spool of daylight loading film for 12 or 18 photos. It was introduced in September 1897.

The only special feature is that the shutter had to be cocked by turning a small key (or knob) on the front panel, below the lens opening. The simple Kodak box cameras of the late 1890's usually have a shutter that does not have to be cocked manually.

The No. 2 Falcon was advertised as a bicycle camera. Combining bicycling and snap-shot photography was popular during the last years of the 19th century, and many cameras of that era were advertised as bicycle cameras.

In April 1899 the camera was redesigned, with removable side panels and hinged front panel, and called Improved No. 2 Falcon Kodak. In December 1899 this camera was renamed No. 2 Flexo.

Manual and one page with instructions.



Ad in Science and Industry, August 1899.