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No. 2 Bull's-Eye Special (1898-1904)

The No. 2 Bull's-Eye Special is a higher quality version of the No. 2 Bull's-Eye.

It has a Rapid Rectilinear lens and a Triple Action shutter, allowing B(bulb), I (instantaneous) and T (time) settings. The "I" setting is the one for the usual snapshot exposures. The shutter time of this could be set on slow, medium and fast. There's also a range of apertures.

The camera is fixed focus, meaning that it took sharp pictures from a few feet onwards. There is only one finder because the size of the photo's is 3.5 x 3.5 inch (9 x 9 cm), so it does not make sense to hold the camera on its side. Pics were made on daylight loading roll film.

The instrument was meant for the snap shooting family photographer with a bit more dollars to spend for a bit more quality. It is sturdy, well finished and simple to use. The price was US $ 15, almost twice as much as the $ 8 regular No. 2 Bull's-Eye. About 17,000 were produced until april 1904.

 Page from the 1900 catalog. 

French manual for the No. 2 Bull's-Eye Special